IMI is your home town distributor focusing on personal customer service and sourcing the best in waterjet cutting and sandblasting abrasives. You will never get an automated answering service when you call IMI and we strive to return all calls or emails within two hours.

We work very closely with our logistics partners to provide quick and accurate deliveries to your location. IMI is committed to servicing your abrasive needs and doing so effectively.

JHR Garnet: JHR garnet is derived from hark rock deposits and is available in all mesh sizes. JHR garnet is crushed and processed to produce sharp edges and a coarser particle spec compared to many alluvial garnets. Faster waterjet cut speeds for greater efficiency on thicker materials. Ideal for single or double use blast applications.

XT: XT is an alluvial garnet available in 80 and 30/60 mesh. Alluvial garnet gives you greater longevity for multi use sandblasting applications. With very low chlorides XT garnet makes an excellent blast and waterjet abrasive.

GAPG: GAPG 80 is an alluvial garnet. This has a slightly finer particle spec suitable for most waterjet cutting applications. This is available in 120 and 80 mesh only.